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The Culotte Jumpsuit

Topshop Culotte Jumpsuit - Zara Mules - Zara Bag

"It is such a Sophie colour!" - Sarah Nunn couldn't be more right. I'm not sure what it is about this hue but I find it totally irresistible, so when strolling through Topshops Oxford Street store early last week it was absolutely no surprise I was drawn to this jumpsuit like a moth to a burning hot culotte jumpsuit shaped flame.

It's that difficult but mind blowing colour that simmers somewhere between a burnt orange and a poppy red, and boy does it look incredible against a tan! (Cue a trip to Superdrug to stock up on some Cocoa Brown Extra Dark...) 

I have reoccurring nightmares on a weekly basis that I have gone shopping and see something so perfect that gives you that panic-wave of materialistic excitement, only to discover that they have every other size but your own. Well on this shopping trip the nightmare became a reality. 

Naturally, they had a size 10, but nobody wants a bandeau style top drooping (sagging is never a pretty look) And of course then they had a size 6... But who was I kidding? Let's just say it was no surprise that a size 6 doesn't accommodate an E cup... But after a slight diva panic some superwoman working on the information desk came back with the last size 8 in the store. 

It's currently in stock in all sizes on the website- although I really don't think the image does the colour or the fit justice! (Not that I'm saying I'm a top model or anything...)

Topshop's jumpsuit game has been on another level this season. Their boned, bandeau styles are complete investment pieces. The black bandeau jumpsuit + a pair of strappy black gladiators + natural smokey eye and nude lip is my signature first-date outfit. Believe me, works like a charm... Unless you've being taken to a cheap pub, in which case you're just going to look completely out of place... But then again, you shouldn't go on dates with guys that take you to cheap pubs anyway.

Happy Monday!


George Asda Jeans *

Rainy Day Activities with the Kids

One thing you can rely on with the British weather, is that it will never do what you want it to do. If you're hoping for a glorious day of sunshine, you can pretty much guarantee it'll pour down with rain, so it always pays to have a few ideas up your sleeve for when the weather spoils your plans, especially with the school summer holidays looming. So where can you go if you fancy escaping the rain? Take a look at a few suggestions:


Instead of just going to the local pool, why not head to an indoor waterpark for a day of thrills, spills and lots of laughs. There are several dotted around the UK, one of the best being Waterworld in Stoke on Trent. This huge tropical swimming paradise is home to a dedicated section for little ones, weekly toddler mornings, a dry soft play area, massive flumes and even an aqua disco once a week. It's well worth a visit, and if it's raining outside you may aswell get wet anyway!

Entertainment Centres

The UK is now home to several amazing indoor entertainment centres, with everything you could possibly ever need to ease boredom on a rainy day all under one roof. XScape in Milton Keynes is one such place that is just crying out to be enjoyed when the weather is less than cooperative. Featuring a cinema, bowling alley, climbing walls, an indoor skydiving zone and even a snowzone where you can try your hand at skiing and snowboarding or sledding.

If your stomachs start to growl while you're there you'll find a huge choice in terms of places to eat from KFC and Nandos to La Tasca and Frankie & Benny's. There are even a few shops if you fancy shopping til you drop while the kids have a lesson on the slopes in the snowzone.


Little animal lovers will love a trip to the aquarium, especially if their trip to the zoo or farm has been rained off. There are twelve Sea Life Centres dotted around the UK, plus an extra two located at Chessington World of Adventures and Alton Towers, so you should find one relatively close to home. You'll get to watch majestic sharks and chilled out turtles swim above your head in the tunnels, stroke the inquisitive rays, perhaps even touch a sea cucumber and watch feeding time. At the Birmingham Sea Life Centre there's an amazing new exhibit featuring penguins – the Penguin Ice Adventure - which is waiting to be discovered. You'll come face to face with these cute creatures as they swim up to the windows and take a peek at who's watching them waddle around the ice and dive into the icy cold waters. A great day out for all the family.

If all else fails you can always don your jeans (there's a great jeans range at ASDA to top up your cooler-weather wardrobe on a budget), a rain mac and a pair of wellies and get outside and splash about in the puddles. That's what rainy days were made for after all!


Clash of the Florals

Missguided Co-ord * (Crop top & Shorts) - Lavish Alice Blazer - Zara Bag - Primark Sandals - Topshop Sunglasses - Missguided Floral Garland*
Floral. Hippy. Vintage. Fairy. Princess. These are words that were never meant to inspire this outfit, but as soon as I put on these clothes and pranced around in front of a camera in the sunshine, I somehow felt as though I was embodying all of those things at once. Apart from the Birkenstocks. They're too ugly. 
The last time I wore a floral garland was on a boat party on holiday in Zante in 2011. It was cute, white, and retained a kind of girlish innocence that would never usually be associated with such a trashy place. And then the whole giant floral crown phenomenon just went way over my head. How did they become popular outside of music festivals? Who wants to look like their head is competing in a down-market version of the Chelsea Flower Show? Or had a flower pot knocked on their head? Not me. Some things - like wellies and short shorts, portaloos, and tents - should stay firmly within festival walls. 
But after seeing dainty floral headpieces weaved through the hair of models walking in the Dolce and Gabbana shows I couldn't help finally give it a go and wear this Missguided floral garland with a side-braid for a little D&G twist. 


High-Heel Revolution

French Connection Summer Bark Dress * | Daniel Footwear Boots * | Zara Bag | Topshop Sunglasses

The brush-stroke print strikes again (thank you once more, Celine.) This time it comes in the form of a gorgeous soft black and white day dress by French Connection.

Those killer heels by Daniel are back again too! I know they are probably the least practical shoes for summer but when they look like that how can you resist a little bit of discomfort ? (Let's just say my feet were so hot it felt as though I had walked through burning hot coals... still totally worth it.) 

The novelty of wearing flat shoes is beginning to wear off now. Don't get me wrong, I know Birkenstocks look cool. And pool slides are awesome. Trainers are.. well trendy, I guess... But I actually feel way comfier wearing a nice pair of heels. I walk better, feel better, and legs look a thousand times better. My body has got so used to wearing heels that when I wear flats for too long my shin bones and ankles begin to feel uncomfortable and hurt. Pretty sure that's a worrying high-heel-side-effect... Is this how Victoria Beckham felt when she finally hung up her heels and began wearing flats? I'm just praying for a high-heel revolution right now.


What's So Good About Reflector Sunglasses?

Topshop Jumper - TNFC Dress - Topshop Sunglasses - Daniel Shoes * - Zara Bag
I didn't like reflector sunglasses at first. They were a little bit too old-school flashy nineties for me. A totally classic tortoiseshell frame could be ruined by that horrifically holographic blue glare. 
But I've completely embraced them. Did you not know that the strong reflection lets you check out any man you want and they'll never know about it? All they will see is their reflection. Nothing else. It's pure genius. Plus these ones from Topshop have a minimal blue reflecting glare, so it's not too garish, just a slight bluebottle hint in the sunlight. This means two things:
  1. Totally cool sunglasses that don't make you look too much like a shiny-eyed-fly
  2. Unlimited perving potential

(Men of London, you've been warned) 


Folklore Fashion

Missguided Jacket * - Missguided Shorts * - Primark Bag - Topshop Sunglasses - New Look Pool Slides

Folk is a trend I've tried to steer clear of in fear of looking like a total Woodstock hippy reject. It's all a bit floaty and too bohemian for my usual chic, girlish tastes. But where's the fun in fashion if you're not going to experiment with something new? For me, the most important role of fashion is creating a sense of identity, then playing around with it, and adapting it to who you want to be. 

Basically, I need to stop being so boring.

In the A/W14 collections Dolce and Gabbana created a forest fairy tale, Alexander McQueen took inspiration from Game of Thrones,  and Bora Aksu stuck to Turkish traditionalism, but the earthy influences of each collection was driven from folklore. If I was ever going to dip my toe into the folklore fashion pool it was always going to be in the form of something tailored. The smart, structural lines of this Missguided two-piece has a certain element of glamour whilst the pom-pom trims on the shorts and jacket give it a slightly more playful edge. It's folk without being too fancy-dress hippy theme, thanks to the rich woven tapestry-like fabric. 

Oh, and I'm all about the details: you can't do seventies style folklore without big, Lennon-esque sunglasses

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