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Folklore Fashion

Missguided Jacket * - Missguided Shorts * - Primark Bag - Topshop Sunglasses - New Look Pool Slides

Folk is a trend I've tried to steer clear of in fear of looking like a total Woodstock hippy reject. It's all a bit floaty and too bohemian for my usual chic, girlish tastes. But where's the fun in fashion if you're not going to experiment with something new? For me, the most important role of fashion is creating a sense of identity, then playing around with it, and adapting it to who you want to be. 

Basically, I need to stop being so boring.

In the A/W14 collections Dolce and Gabbana created a forest fairy tale, Alexander McQueen took inspiration from Game of Thrones,  and Bora Aksu stuck to Turkish traditionalism, but the earthy influences of each collection was driven from folklore. If I was ever going to dip my toe into the folklore fashion pool it was always going to be in the form of something tailored. The smart, structural lines of this Missguided two-piece has a certain element of glamour whilst the pom-pom trims on the shorts and jacket give it a slightly more playful edge. It's folk without being too fancy-dress hippy theme, thanks to the rich woven tapestry-like fabric. 

Oh, and I'm all about the details: you can't do seventies style folklore without big, Lennon-esque sunglasses

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Shades of Cool

The Fifth Dress  * - Zara Bag - New Look Pool Slides - Topshop Sunglasses

Shades of cool... I guess that's a little bit ironic considering that everyone has been baking/melting (delete as appropriate) in the heavy haze of heat that has engulfed the nation. Did you know that apparently it's been hotter here in London than in Barbados? Finally I'm beginning to feel a little bit better about the fact that I'm staying in London all summer. 

I have a real issue with summer dressing: most of my clothes are black. There's that part in the process of hot-summer-day-dressing when you always kid yourself that no matter how hot it is. black will always always be effortlessly cool. 

Wrong. So very wrong. And there you are, sitting there in a beer garden and it feels like the sunshine beating down on you is actually like a burning hot laser in a James Bond movie. 

This dress by The Fifth has answered my prayers a little bit. Its oversized fit hangs perfectly off the body thanks to structural elements like small shoulder pads. Loose and swishy: ideal for burning hot days. Oh and it has a large keyhole cut out at the back, which is almost as good as air con. Almost...

Enjoy the sun while it lasts!


Australian Brands You Need to Know: The Fifth

The Fifth Neoprene Sweatshirt * - Topshop Boutique Silk Shorts - Zara Bag - Primark Shoes

If somebody asks you what Australia does well, you're most likely going to say food (barbecues and lots of meat pies- yum), Neighbours, big scary spiders, beaches, Hugh Jackman, the Hemsworth brothers, and seriously hot men with surfboards. 

Fashion, on the other hand, doesn't really spring to mind. 
There are few widely known designers from Australia, but when it comes to smaller labels and brands, they have it completely covered. Minkpink, Triangl swimwear and underwear, Finders Keepers are just a teaser of some of the smaller but incredibly talented labels pushing out fun and playful collections with an alternative edge to what you can find on the British high street. 

Take The Fifth: their incredibly cool street aesthetic is created from finest cut quality fabrics. It's all about clean lines, original prints, and a fresh colour palette of tonal monochrome and bold zesty oranges and lagoon blues.

Streetwear isn't usually my kind of thing (can't you tell with the cliche addition of graffiti? So street, so edgy, I know...) But the brand seems to find the perfect balance between streetwear with a strong feminine vibe- just wait until my next post and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! 

(Clues: blue, oversized, and adorable)
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Boxy Tops and Curves

Acne Jumper - Topshop Blurry Check Skirt - Zara Bag - Topshop Shoes - ASOS Sunglasses

Acne. Their cool, simplistic, scandinavian aesthetic always pushes boundaries with unusual colours, androgynous silhouettes and cutting edge textiles. Ever experimenting with new origami- like shapes, sharp tailoring and ballooning proportions, they never fail to deliver something new and exciting with each collection. 

One problem: everything at Acne seems to have been designed for the tall skinny girl. So what's a short curvy girl like me to do? Believe me, I've tried to pretend like it doesn't matter by trying on that gorgeous poppy-red mid length red shift dress, only to look like a more like a cheap quality street chocolate that melted a little bit in someones pocket. 

Simple, boxy, knit. That's the answer. Effortlessly cool in clinical white. Sure, it's a pretty well known fact that when girls with above average size boobs wear something of the floaty/baggy variety it can often look like a big maternity top hiding a 7 month baby bump. But it can definitely work if you play with the proportions of your other clothes right (skinny jeans, mini skirts and short shorts are the answer.) 

Fashion Slave for Fashionchick. In other fashionable related news, you may have seen splattered all over my twitter and instagram feeds my recent trip to Amsterdam to join the Fashionchick team. I'm now the London based events and editorial writer for Fashionchick UK, so that means darting all around London attending press days, events, and parties to take photos and report back on all of the latest on the website, so look out for me at events and if I take a snap of you it could well end up featured on the Fashionchick site!

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The "I forgot to set my alarm" Dress Code

AKA Clothing Shirt * - ASOS Jeans - Sabrina Tach Backpack @ Boticca - Topshop Hat - ASOS Sunglasses - Topshop Shoes

You wake up late. There's no time to shower. Your hair is a mess. And your laptop is still at the bottom of the bed replaying the same episode of Gossip Girl that you fell asleep watching last night. 

The secret weapon for those 'I forgot to set my alarm' days? The big, baggy shirt. Eternally cool paired with skinny jeans and Birkenstocks, thrown over a pair of runner shorts or worn open over a lace slip dress. 

AKA nail it with their Saltro shirt. Seriously smooth and silky, it feels like it's made from a soft vintage scarf you picked up from a thrift store or nicked off your nan. There's a strong 90's feel in the strikingly manic monochrome print that resonates with the urban Manchester roots of the brand. It reminds me of staring through sharp, spindly branches in a forest at a stark, grey February morning sky.

Effortlessly cool streetwear in intricate, hand-designed black and white prints is AKA's signature and both their mens and women's collections are worth checking out if you want something that little bit different (they do a skirt and top co-ord in this exact print which epitomises the edgy take on the often-too-girly skirt suits.) 

Of course, you've still woken up too late, and no matter how big, baggy and boyfriendy the shirt is, it won't fix the issue with your hair and face... 
Cue big floppy hat and sunglasses combo: hides greasy hair and the fact you're still wearing last night's makeup, and somehow manages to make you look incredibly glamorous all in one go (although let's face it, you'll probably look like a bit of a diva on the tube.) 

If only everyone that walked by you on the street knew what lay beneath the disguise...

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