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Christmas is almost upon us so it’s time to treat your best friend to something nice. And who’s a better friend to yourself than yourself? You’ve both known each other for years, seen each other naked a billion times, and experienced so much together (like that time you drunk vandalised your boyfriends car... shhh, we won't tell) So go on and indulge yourself. Or simply forward this list of ultimate gifts for her (or you) to your boyfriend/parents/sugar daddy/santa for some inspiration if you think they might be struggling and you don't fancy spending the run up to Christmas practicing your best "I really love these skull and crossbones socks, Grandma" face. There's lots of Topshop goods, Mango has been a big hit this season, and of course, ASOS informing this edit of fashion, accessories, and household gifts! You can thank me later.

Black Friday & Cyber Week So Far
Oh, and don't forget to check out the pre-Black Friday sales! ASOS currently have 20% off everything and Topshop have slashed their prices by 50%. Urban Outfitters - experts at quirky gifts - are also slicing prices by up to 50%. Plus Finery London have 30% off everything, including their new season! Things marked in red are in the Pre-black Friday sales!

With fashion, it’s all about classic cuts and timeless styles. Nobody wants to shell out money on something that gets price-sliced a day later in the boxing day sales. Opt for buying an eternally cool-cut coat, or cosy knitwear in a muted palette that’ll still feel fresh come early spring. Jeans make a surprisingly good present as they are the one item people (myself included) live in, but never really want to actually bother buying for themselves. And little gifts like luxurious calf hair makeup bags, red lace lingerie, and glistening home decor are a far more stocking thriller than stocking filler. 

Christmas is all about the colour red, but luckily it's set to be huge in the new season. So get your fix of the festive hue now to maximise its potential. Snug pyjamas are always a winner. The Topshop premium joggers would look perfect with this cosy burgundy top. 

Happy shopping! Remember, just by being born you were a life-long gift to your parents, so it doesn't really matter if there's only a little left in the budget for them - you're the gift that keeps on giving! 

Love, Sophie x

Ultimate Gifts For Her (or You...)

1. Topshop Coat / 2. Mango Jumper / 3. Topshop Jeans / 4. Topshop Scarf / 5. Mango Bag ...

When then alarm sounds off on a Friday morning and you want those extra few minutes in bed, hit the snooze button and keep on dreaming because tonal dressing is the trend that’ll put a few precious minutes bank in the sleep bank. Dressing in one simple tone or shade takes about 50% of the thinking process in deciding what to wear, and it looks pretty too. Lazy girls, this one is for you.

Tonal dressing was seen all over the street style set at LFW - in neutrals, reds and greens – but I chose to opt for the oh-so seasonal shade of burgundy. One simple thing: don’t go over three items unless you want to look totally uniformal like you've strolled right out of working in some cheap restaurant.

If you haven't seen my ASOS fall/winter haul video on YouTube yet you can see it now below!

Photography by the wonderful Ella H, you can see more of her street style photography here!

Burgundy Coats

Burgundy Tops 

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Tonal Dressing is a (Lazy) Girl's Best Friend


Sunday Morning, down by the Thames. It's two degrees (barely), and blanket of mist sweeps accross the river top. Winter has well and truly finally hit us like a giant, semi-unexpected snowball in the face. In keeping with my obsession with over the knee boots this season, this time rather than pairing with floaty dresses and short leather skirts, it's time to show off their practicality instead of blatant sex appeal. Pulled snuggly over a pair of skinny jeans, Kurt Geiger's Valencia boots* add an additional cosy layer to the mix to help keep the cold out. Top things off with several layered up jumpers (hence why I'm definitely falling on the chubbier side of the spectrum in today's post) as well as a military coat (can you believe this one is Missguided? It has way more Chloe AW15 vibes about it) and you're set to brave the winter in style. Who said you can't keep warm whilst looking cool? It's not all onesies and pyjamas (although, to be honest, I'm happier now I'm writing this in bed with my furry leopard print socks.) Get cosy outdoor style by checking in with Kurt Geiger's seasonal boot collection (the snake boots are a real winner.)

photos by Carl Thompson

Keeping Warm v Looking Cool


When the last series of Game of Thrones premiered on the TV, my best friend’s boyfriend held a party in honour of the show, encouraging us all to dress up as our favourite character. For lack of a GoT-themed costume readily available in my wardrobe, I just showed up in jeans. I mean, was I really going to spend four hours braiding my hair to get Khaleesi style locks, or using my expensive makeup to draw on a beard and eyeliner to mimic Khal Drogo? No (although I definitely considered the latter.) But now, thankfully, when the new series launches, I shall be prepared. Whilst wearing this supersized, mixed-faux-fur patch Story of Lola coat in the hospital yesterday, the dear male receptionist said “You remind me of Jon Snow in that coat.” Erm, Thanks, babe. That’s what I’ve been waiting for all of my life. He then preceded to tell me “It’s good though. It’s like you have wings. Like a crow.” Oh well, even better. But in fairness, you can totally see what he means, can't you?

Luckily for this chatty receptionist, I’m a nerdy GoT fan. So whilst most people would have been perhaps slightly taken aback by this comment, I found myself complimented (albeit in a slightly weird way.)
But there is something somewhat costume-esque about faux fur. When people ask me what I love most about fashion, the answer always stems from the same thing. Fashion has the power to transform you. A well tailored suit can give you power. A beautiful dress can give you a new sense of confidence. Sexy underwear can unleash a certain boldness - even if it's only you that knows that you're wearing it. And I've already spoke in length before about the Cinderella Effect of high heels. But nothing makes you feel quite as fabulous (or like Jon Snow) as faux fur. (And yes, faux fur was said in a sassy FABulous kind of way)

This Story of Lola coat is fabulous, frivolous, and just really effing brilliant. With patches of shaggy Mongolian style fur mixed with shorter, soft shaved patches, it's a creation that's all about movement. Whenever I throw it on, I get the urge to sort of jump up and down in it or say something along the lines of "Winter is Coming". Then you can't ignore it's size. It owes half of the drama due to it's supersized nature - which is perfect for balancing with slim leg, skinny, or cropped flare jeans. 

Whilst this coat is sadly sold out, Story of Lola still have an amazing selection on ASOS (who also still has 20% off for students!) Plus this particular one which is a dead ringer for the one that I have. 

Story of Lola Coats

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Game of Thrones' Jon Snow: My Unintentional Style Icon