Looking Back To The Seventies for SS15

seventies suede jacket

Glamorous UK Dress* | Glamorous UK Jacket* | ASOS Ankle Boots | Vintage Bag

Last spring/summer was all about taking the swing out of the sixties and bringing it to 2014. This season we're stepping back into the free-loving seventies with folkloric prints, fringed everything and a complete overload of suede. 

But what's with fashion's love affair with history anyway? It seems we can't go any season without designers referencing the retro in their latest collections. And we only need to look as far as Instagram to see a #tbt image of Kate Moss wearing Galliano in the mid-Nineties. Why are we so obsessed with fashions past?

Fashion nostalgia comes from the idea that the past is authentic, the present is not, and the future is unknown. We borrow from the historical fashion cupboard because the present is lacking direction.

In 2015 there's plenty lacking. Like the mons pubis supposedly being the new thigh gap. Amanda Bynes is still a bit crazy. None of us have hair that's as nice as Harper Beckham's (nope, still not letting that one drop). And the fact that 78% of people thought that #thedress was white and gold not black and blue. What is actually wrong with the world?

Fashion has a funny way of looking to the past and to the future all at once. The AW15 story so far is much the same for spring summer. More folkloric prints (but darker), and even more fringing suede (how this is even possible I'm not too sure...) Your new season style icon? Jackie from That 70s Show. Not only did the show give us one of Hollywoods cutest couples (Ashton and Mila were always meant to be) but it's also given us a serious amount of style inspiration for this season. Excuse me whilst I stream the entire series all over again... 

jackie that 70s show

image via pinterest

Weird Things I Overheard At LFW

What do you get when you throw a bunch of the chicest fashion people in the country together at the biggest bi-annual fashion event there is? (Apart from sheer envy induced by an onslaught of beautifully styled outfits, of course...)

You get an earful of OTT commentary that enters total diva-territory when brought out of context. So here I am, bringing it to you completely out of context. 

We all know the outfits can be weird and wonderful, but so are the things you happen to overhear. Whoever said that the fashion world is a bitchy one was probably a little bit right... Read my list of the weirdest things I overheard at LFW.

"I'm going to get pregnant for next fashion week because I might get photographed more if I bring a cute baby"

"I got my septum pierced just for fashion week and now my nose is so infected it hurts even to breathe the air" 

"Oh, so that's why she's wearing those supersized stripper heels... She has a STANDING ticket. I guess she's gotta see the show somehow"

"I don't care if there's only popcorn in the Frow bag, it'll make me look like I was actually on the Frow if I have one"

"I'm pretty sure the reason nobody has taken my photograph today is because I haven't drawn my eyebrows on big enough"

"Oh my god my picture is on the Daily Mail!" (note, this was said in glee, not despair)

"Yeah I know who you are, but I don't follow you on Instagram"

"Your hair is so fluffy I just want to snuggle in it"

"Do that again but this time smile as if you're happy rather than in pain" 

"She seems so much more interesting on Instagram. Some people should just stay in the digital world" 

"Yeah you can take a picture of my shoes, but it won't be pretty... I have no toenails" 


Photo taken LFW SS15 via Danielle Ward @ Little Fash Bird 

What's Been Happening So Far at LFW


When it-girls and real life friends Alexa & Pixie stepped out in the same leopard print coat, it had to be a fix. There's no way these girls would have turned up accidentally in the same jacket, right? But it wasn't just the fashion A-list where we saw this happening. It seemed everyone had a fashion twin for the day. Maybe it's because of the cult following that items and trends like camel coats, double denim, and seventies style seem to have? Whether it was on purpose, or by accident, coordinating with your BFF (best fashion friend) was definitely part of the style agenda for more than a few show-goers. 


Thongs on Show Might Be Cool Again

Remember in secondary school when you were basically a loser if you didn't have a glitzy butterfly thong from La-Senza sticking out the back of your low slung bootleg black school trousers? Well, Caitlin Price was bringing that back at Fashion East but with a super minimal sports-luxe aesthetic. I'm not so sure if I'm going to be rushing to work this one yet... perhaps after a month of devouring only green tea and broccoli might I actually consider it... 


Gareth Pugh Returns 

After seven years away from showing at LFW, Gareth Pugh was back from Paris with a collection so fantastically eerie that it gave me (and probably a lot of other people) nightmares. Easily one of the most anticipated shows of the season, Pugh didn't disappoint with his parade of models-turned anarchic soldiers walking down the catwalk as if walking into battle, rather than towards a pit of photographers. There were Britannia battle helmets, dresses and robes that resembled priest robes, and breast plates and harnesses. 

The beauty look? A red St George's Cross smeared across the face. Gareth Pugh and his model army has invaded London once again, and I couldn't be happier.



MIC crew are regulars again with Rosie and Millie leading the pack. Fashion it-girls Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldoff, and obviously Alexa have been spotted firmly on the frow. Musical babes Pixie Lott and Nina Nesbitt and the Little Mix girls can't be forgotten either. And everyones favourite actress Lindsay Lohan was spotted frowing at Gareth Pugh yesterday. In fairness, when you compare it to NYFW, they are no Kim and Kanye's... But with the biggest shows on tomorrow, Monday is guaranteed to pull in a few more higher-calibre frow regulars. 


Dogs are the Must-Have Accessory- again

Last season it seemed that children were the must-have accessory for show goers. Who can forget the little boy at somerset house that was dressed up in lederhosen? It's all very Chanel Metiers D'Art 2015 (before it even happened). Over in New York it seemed as though they were just as cool again this time round with little North West and hair-goddess Harper Beckham frowing with their families. However, down in London it seems that Dogs are back in vogue. I've spotted several dogs in jackets (one suited and booted in a snazzy dinner jacket) and of course the French Bulldog puppy that everyone was awwing over and photographing, until it went to the toilet on the cobbles of somerset house. No matter how cute the puppy is, or even if you're dressed in head-to-toe Balmain, there is nothing chic about picking up dog poo at LFW.



Rejoice! Those 50 roll-necks you bought between November-January won't be a waste of money or space in your wardrobe. An influx of polo necks have already been spotted ay Sibling, Eudon Choi, Emilia Wickstead and Julian MacDonald. Finally there is justification for buying a roll-neck jumper just because it's "a slightly different shade of navy to two that I already have..."


Librarian Turned Style Icon

Who's have thought that your librarian would become a style icon? For the Orla Keily AW15 collection, the setting was that of a retro style library. Both the collection and the set took you back to a 1970s style college. It was enough to make me want to hit the books again and pass notes to the fit guy studying BioChem... 

So we're on to day 3 of LFW now. I'm stuck at home working but I'll hopefully be heading back down tomorrow to see the latest on what's happening!


images: grazia, style.com, the guardian, look.co.uk, topshop.com, Orla Keily facebook

London Fashion Week Checklist: Are You Ready?

image via elle.com

Well, are you ready? It's that time of year again, the night before London Fashion Week, and having freelanced for publications for around 5-6 seasons now I can finally say that I've got the knack of preparing everything I might need to survive it.

I can't quite believe that 6 months ago I was standing in the courtyard at Somerset House melting under a turtle neck trying to keep cool whilst the weather was pretending that it was still summer. But here we are, on LFW-eve, and it seems that those oversized knits might actually come in handy this time round because it's freezing! But then again, at least it isn't as cold as New York... 

If you haven't managed to get hold of any tickets this season it's always worth heading down to Somerset House to get a feel for the vibe and watch live streams of the shows. So whether you're living in London, staying in a hotel, or just popping down for a day or two, here is a list of the things you need to take to stay organised at LFW.


Obv. Organise them. Get a different plastic wallet for every day and put them in there in order of their time. Make sure you pay attention of where the shows are! My first time at LFW I didn't realise Eudon Choi was not being held at the BFC show space, resulting in a rush-hour cab across town and arriving looking flustered and gross. Totally not chic. Also, if you have off-schedule tickets for Fashion Scout then arrive super super early. The shows are always over subscribed so even if you have a ticket there's a chance you might not get in.

Folder or Portfolio

It doesn't need to be big or fancy (or it can be, like in this picture!), it just needs to be able to hold all of your tickets and print outs to keep things safe/organised/dry. It's also great to keep all press-releases from shows safe in for reference in your show reports.

Business Cards

I find there's something a little bit cringe about giving business cards out sometimes at fashion week. Get ready for people to judge just a little bit. "Is the font right? Is it printed in high-quality enough card? They definitely didn't get theirs done at Vistaprint..."

 It always reminds me of the business card scene in American Psycho. But in fairness, it needs to be done and it's a great way to keep in touch with people. Get everyone's you can, keep them in your LFW ticket plastic wallet and always follow up with a nice-to-meet-you email next week! 

Portable Charger

Another huge mistake I made at my first LFW was not investing in one of these. By about 2pm I was down to 2%. They will save your (and your phone's battery) life. Make sure you charge it up every night to make sure it won't let you down on the day And make sure you bring your phone charging cable with it too!

Print Outs

Print everything out like maps, schedules, and if you're accredited with the BFC, your fast track pass to get access to the designer showrooms. If you're going to be super busy with events, shows, lunches and brunches with brands, screenings and talks, then also print out a personalised schedule to keep you on track.

Fashion & Beauty Monitor App 

For those of you who prefer things to be all digital, Fashion & Beauty Monitor LFW AppIt provides the full schedule of London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2015 catwalk shows, presentations and parties. It's totally free, gets updated live, and users can plan their personal schedule by saving events into the My FW folder, set pre-show reminders, find venues with interactive Google maps for each event and click through to the Fashion and Beauty Monitor news page and social media channels. 

Basically, it's a LFW Personal Assistant in your pocket. 


Because London = Rain. And rain = bad hair and makeup. No thanks. 

Lip Balm & Moisturiser

One of my favourites is Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm in peppermint. It's probably going to be chilly and you don't want your lips getting dry. Moisturiser will also freshen your makeup up if it starts to get a bit cracked or cakey from all the cold winds. My favourite is Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion.  Just adding a little bit around the eyes and cheeks can freshen you up to have a dewy look.


If you like to keep things a bit more old school, keep your Filofax or diary with all the events on you at all time to make sure you don't miss anything.


Because London = Unpredictable. You never know, the sun might come out.

Also comes in handy if you've gone too hard at one of the parties the night before... 

Download Uber

In case you miss the press bus or don't fancy getting the tube places, Uber will be your best friend. For those who aren't familiar, it's an app that will get a cab to arrive and pick you up from exactly where you want it to. You can see how far away the driver is using their countdown, and see the vehicle on the map, plus it gives you the name and registration of the driver. Use the Code x7f99 to get your first ride free! 


One of the best things about LFW is the amount of inspiration you get for articles or blog posts, so write it all down! My notebook is filled with pages of random notes of what I've come across at events and ideas on how to develop them into more detailed stories. And obviously it's necessary for recording all of your LFW show notes for writing up show reports. 


It sounds stupid, but you'll be surprised how easy it is to forget. A notebook is no good if you can't write in it!


Necessary for taking pictures if you're there writing for an assignment, commission or article. 

Camera Charger

Hardly needs explaining! You don't want to miss a moment because your camera ran out of battery...

Memory Card

Believe it or not, but at my first day at LFW ever, I arrived with my DSLR fully charged and ready to go, but with no memory card. Luckily there was a Maplin's on the Strand, but it was £15 spent unnecessarily! Format your card first to make sure you have enough room for all of the photographs.

City Mapper 

For anyone who doesn't know London, download the City Mapper app. It'll tell you exactly how to get from A to B by using transport, walking, getting a cab... it's all covered.

Blister Plasters

Whoever said diamonds are a girls' best friend was totally lying. Blister plasters are. If you're not going to play the sensible game in flats, then I promise these will come in handy. Normal plasters will never do, so get hold of some special blister ones from Compeed! 


Enjoy fashion week everyone, hope to see you all there! 

Keeping it Casual


Zara Coat | ASOS Shirt | American Eagle Outfitters Jeans* | Elia B Shoes | Zara Bag

When I'm not playing the role of a slightly less annoying but always very stylish Carrie Bradshaw in my own version of SATC (in my head, of course), you're most likely going to find me kicking back in a pair of skinny jeans and a shirt/jumper combo. It's not that I'm boring, it's just denim is always so timeless and easy. Since being popularised as the go-to item for casual dressing in the seventies we've never really looked back. 

What's so great about keeping things casual is the comfort factor too. Who really wants to pull on their favourite jumpsuit and layer it under a kimono jacket, only to remember that they drank too many coffees and suddenly in need of the toilet? Your style choice of that day starts to become a little bit of a regret. When you're darting about at meetings all day in the winter, that's the last thing you want. 

Whoever thinks jeans are boring probably hasn't taken a trip to American Eagle Outfitters lately. With their collection of jeans available in 14 different fits and in 98 washes it's hard to imagine having more of a choice! They currently have a 25% flash sale on this half term, and 20% discount extending after half term until the end of February for all students with a valid student ID.  This week happens to be one of my last as a student, so you'll probably see me panic buying enough denim to last me for a very long time. You'll find a store over at Westfield in Stratford, White City, and Bluewater. The denim finish is super soft too! What else do you need when keeping things casual?