Lavish Alice Dress * | Mango Jacket | Zara Bag | Zara Shoes

If you saw me walking around town when I was around 16 you'd have thought that I had been dipped in glue and rolled around in my Grandmas jewellery box. 

Who was it who said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory" ?
Of course, it was Coco Chanel.

 Let's just say that about five years ago me and Coco certainly didn't see eye to eye on that matter. 

But I was young and foolish and living in a style culture filled with little indie girls with a 'more is more' vintage styled approach to fashion. If you didn't walk around looking like the inside of an Oxfam charity shop then well, you were probably a Chav. 

Present day is different. Of course there is this uber feminine trend of sorbet pastel shades crafted from densely textured fabrics, or bold exotic prints that just scream 'pay attention!' but there's this other side of style with luxe fabrics and structural lines. The colour palette is made of muted tonal greys, clinical whites and tar black. 

Besides, basic needn't be boring. The raw minimalism is an aesthetic majorly inspired by scandinavian-chic. Quality and structure is key. Lavish Alice nailed it with this dress: the jersey is soft to touch and so thick that it keeps it's fine Chanel style structure with ease (the two-part, cropped top design reminds me of those Chanel Couture dresses...). And did I mention it's this summers most popular colour? White. You don't get more minimal than that.  

Too much choice and too much accessorising can be overwhelming. Minimalism is like detoxing. It's refreshing. You need to have a little bit of self control to get it right (something that I seem to lack when it comes to fashion). But the resulting image can be powerful in it's raw flawlessness. 

With minimalism you wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear you.  



 Topshop Coat | She Inside Dress * | Topshop Scarf | Zara Mules | Zara Bag  

As you might have guessed, I'm definitely the kind of girl who likes to plan her outfits. It's a subconscious reaction that happens in my mind as soon as I make plans to do something. Uni? I know where my best jeans are. Drinks with friends? That two-piece that I love. A date? I have that new dress I bought last week. Sorted.

Fashion is amazing but if I'm honest it can completely hold me back sometimes. My obsession with style kills my spontaneity! If somebody says 'Lets go out tonight!' it puts me into a slight panic mode. I have no clue what to wear. 

Thats where staples come in. The basics. Those timeless pieces that are the foundation of our wardrobes. Style saviours. 

A tartan scarf. A trench coat (Topshop, of course. But one day Burberry... you will be mine). Red Dress. Black bag.

For those days when you can't be bothered to be creative - or even think - this is a fail safe formula. Effortlessly chic and timeless. 

Plus there's something so quintessentially British about this outfit that's perfect for Spring walks along Chelsea Embankment. 


Love Triangl

Triangl Twiggy Stardust Bikini * | Monica Vinader Friendship Bracelet * | Pandora Bracelet 

When it comes to beachwear, Triangl bikinis are the pinnacle of cool. They are the undisputed uniform of instagram beach babes. You can't scroll through tumblr without seeing some tall fit blonde girl waving her sea soaked locks around on a sandy Australian beach in one of Triangl's finest creations. 

Naturally, you all of a sudden want to be tall, fit, blonde and Australian. Oh, and you want one of them bikinis. 

The brand has an unparalleled laid back vibe that just comes natural to Australians. The designs are equally laid back. No fuss minimalism is their signature. 

Being so simple in design begs the question of what makes them so cool and different from other beachwear brands? If their cult status and huge global following isn't enough to convince you then the craftsmanship surely will. 

Like all great minimal pieces the secret to success is in the quality and structure. Triangl bikinis are made from neoprene. Thick and insulating- so perfectly ideal for when the clouds start rolling in and the temperature dips on your day out to the beach. The thick fabric also hugs at your body making the bikini tops super supportive. Also, a complete bonus.

As for the pictures... the whole effect of the photos of myself were a complete accident based on the simple fact that I'm apparently not that great with a camera! It wasn't supposed to scream 'taken on a disposable camera at some crazy summer house party' (especially when I took them on self timer on my DLSR..) but this weird out-of-focus effect ended up working well. Plus, I'm usually so busy pulling the blogger bitch face that I wanted to have a little fun with it! 

Naturally, I chose the black 'Twiggy Stardust' bikini. With the lacquered look of the neoprene it is pretty sexy, but keeping it simple in black makes it less of a huge statement. 

Worryingly, the closer we get to summer, the more black things I keep buying. But as they say, black is timeless... right?



Mango Jacket | Forever 21 Tee | Jones & Jones Shorts * | Zara Mules | Zara Bag
Photographs by Ilona Robinson
Bloggers of Britain and fellow hat aficionados, I absolutely need to know this: how do you keep your hats on your head? 
Hats are great. They keep your head warm. They can keep your head cool. They hide a multitude of sins like a dodgy hair cut, bad roots, and greasy hair. Plus they look cool. But there always seems to be just a bit more than a 'gentle' breeze in the UK threatening with the security of your hat and makes it all more of a challenge than a pleasure. 
 Floppy hats, fedoras, bowler hats: have you ever noticed how the brim of a hat catches the wind so perfectly? You can see why Aliens choose a hat like shape for their spaceships when they glide so effortlessly in the breeze. 
There you are, minding your own business, just standing there in all of your grandiose hat glory and next thing you know your big floppy hat is flying through the atmosphere like the worlds chicest frisbee. 
Back in Cardiff when pork pie hats were still cool and the weather was particularly nasty, the wind caught hold of said hat so strongly that it blew it down the entire length of Stuttgart Strasse (to the majority of you who wont know this street, it is very long and has a big bend in it... ). It was like a bowling ball down an alley. Like rolling a coin across the table. How it avoided being ran over by a car I will never know. How I avoided being ran over by a car as I sprinted after it is an even bigger mystery. 
The things we do for fashion. 
So if anyone would like to tell me their top tips for keeping your hats on your head please do. I'm not sure how keen I am on superglue...


World Traveller V | Boticca x ASOS Fashion Finder

 Topshop Coat | Primark Dress | Zara Shoes | 'Viper' Backpack by Sabrina Tach at Boticca* | Union Lane Scarf by Good & Co at Boticca *

Apparently I didn't get the memo that the Aztec trend died at Coachella 2012. 

Despite being dragged out for yet another season at Primark, in most other high-street stores the Aztec print has been replaced by three new print tribes: tropical (think vintage Hawaiian holiday posters for inspiration), arty prints (Chanel SS14, need I say more?) and folk (imagine boho interiors of a Romany Gypsy caravan).

Of course I can sit here bitching about how Aztec is so last year... but I'm not completely ignorant of the fact that I am wearing the offending print. 

In playing with the world traveller trend I couldn't resist channelling a South American vibe through the burnt orange aztec patterns. Set against the playful street art it makes me think of getting lost down the colourful backstreets of Rio or Buenos Aires. 

Besides, sometimes it's nice to revive a tired trend. It's like going for a drink with an ex: weirdly comfortable, you quite like it, but you know it's not going anywhere serious because it's already been done.

I wont start taking credit for bringing back the Aztec trend yet, because this dress is heading straight back into my 'beach cover up' bag (and FYI, I don't even have a summer holiday booked, so who knows when it will be revisited again...)

RIP Aztec print. Again.


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