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I wear: Topshop Bonded Trench Coat (similar here, here and here) | Zara Jumper (similar here) | Zara Skirt | H&M Boots | H&M Bag | Topshop Sunglasses (old- similar here)

As if I already needed an excuse to wear pink, Friday 24th just so happened to be Wear It Pink day

From the significant rise of boob related things in the news, adverts and in stores, I'm sure most of you are all ware by now that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Every single year 50,000 women and 400 men (yes- guys can get it too!) are diagnosed with breast cancer, so if that isn't reason enough to start checking yours boobs (and his, for that matter), then I'm not quite sure what is. 1 in 3 people will get cancer, so there is always cause to raise more awareness and raise money to help discover a cure and give support to those living with cancer. 

On the 24th October people throughout the country are encouraged to wear pink to raise awareness, and pledge a donation to help cancer research. Major landmarks across the UK turned pink to mark the event, but for this occasion, I teamed up with Carl Thompson, founder of Pin Collar Shirts, to do anything pink related that we could think of. 

With fashion being our forte, it seemed only sensible to pull our favourite pink pieces out of the wardrobe. Cue the ultimate pink bonded trench coat from Topshop. This was followed by buying the best pink flowers that the local Tesco had to offer (because we're clearly very classy people), making pink cupcakes (definitely not my idea), and several bottles of Rosé (well, it was a Friday after all...)

Throughout October Pin Collar Shirts are donating 10% of all Pink shirt sales to Breast Cancer research. For the full details of what Carl's wearing check out his #WearItPink blog post

If you didn't wear pink, hate pink, or only wear pink on Wednesdays, you can still help by texting PINK to 70660 to donate £3 to Breast Cancer Campaign.  


Suit Up

Missguided Top* (similar sleeveless version here), Jacket* and Trousers* | Thomas Sabo Bracelet*and Enamel Heart Charm* | Zara Bag | Converse | ASOS Sunglasses

There's few outfits that look or feel more powerful than a suit. Is that a bit cliche? 
For me, fashion has always been a sort of psychological escapism. Clothing has the power to transform you into whatever you really want to be. So cliche or not, I couldn't care less, because I always feel pretty badass when I'm wearing one. 

Let's be real, but stereotypical: suits are a male dominated realm. If your face isn't pressed into someones armpit during the morning commute and you manage to get a glimpse around you, what do you see? Chances are you'll notice that it's mostly men doing the suit-wearing. But that's probably what makes wearing suits so much fun for us: it's something we're not that used to. Sure, most men might not get the same enjoyment when wearing a women's dress (apart from guys on stag do's dressed in drag) but that doesn't change anything. Slipping on a suit allows you to sink into a certain level of androgyny that so many designers can't seem to get enough of right now. It's dress up and it's fantasy, which is exactly what fashion should be. 

As always with me, fashion and dressing is all about finding the right balance of pretty/ugly, masculine/feminine, sexy/casual. So rather than wear a full on shirt and suit combo (there's only so much androgyny a girl of my height and size can take before looking like a dumpy long-haired Charlie Chaplain) I decided to opt for something so quintessentially feminine and sexy: the low cut top. 

Now I never wear low cut things. It leaves me feeling a little... exposed, and usually results in unwanted stares, glances, and whistles from builders and van men- classy. But when worn with a fundamentally masculine outfit you get the perfect contrast of mannishness and femininity (which surprising acts as a bit of a deterrent to these stares and whistles...) Cue a dainty heart charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo and a classic quilted handbag and you're almost good to go. 

But the shoes? Well, it was always going to be classically cool converse. I love the ability trainers have to transform a pretty straightforward outfit into a slightly different dimension. The sexed up sheer panels and tailoring have to be dressed down somehow...


Autumn Hues

Zara Jumper | Choies Skirt * | DKNY Bag * | Zara Mules | ASOS Sunglasses

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Streets become littered with crisp leaves in colours of acidic yellows and burnt orange, and it's still warm enough to curl up in an oversized knit and mini skirt without the need for an extra cosy boyfriend coat and super thick woolly tights. With the fiery colours developing on the trees, what better colour to wear than a bright flaming orange-red jumper? 

It's the kind of season where all of your romanticised fantasies of looking glamorous cosy knitwear, layered sweaters, mini skirts and over the knee boots really come to life, before it hits mid-November and we're plunged into four months of gail force winds and relentless rain, ensuring that our mohair-blend oversized coats go soggy like a disgruntled, rained on kitten. Make the most of it whilst you still can...

Tiny handbags are becoming one of my latest most impractical new loves. Their dinky little sizes mean you can only fit the essentials (mobile phone, oyster card, lipstick, and bank card) into them. This simple DKNY mini-bag was exactly what I had been after: teeny tiny, simple (just the classic DKNY logo and keychain) and black (my handbag and shoe collection is far more lacking in colour than my knitwear collection.) There's something a bit liberating about going all basic with the bare essentials, but if that's still just to small for you I suppose you can always stash the extra handbag contents under your oversized turtle neck jumper... 


Perfectly Tailored Culottes

Forever 21 Jacket * similar here | Forever 21 Shirt *  similar here | Lavish Alice Culottes * | Zara Mules | Zara Bag  

I've said it before and I'll say it again: culottes aren't really my kind of thing. There's something a bit matronly about them. Or in most cases (Topshop, I'm looking at you here) they just fit my body in a way that makes my legs resemble a tent. It's almost as if I wandered in and out of Glastonbury, drunk and blindfolded. 

But the more I've played trial and error with them, the more I've come to find that it's a case of tailoring. Badly tailored culottes leads to accentuating the worst parts about you ("thighs thighs thighs!" my reflection screams back at me in horror.) Lavish Alice have taken a seriously modern, scandi-chic approach to the trend featuring a cross over section at the front. The high waisted fit hugs the body and the trousers slim over the hips without making you look like your attempting a Kim Kardashian fancy dress. 

Bravo Lavish Alice