3 Killers Sunglasses Styles for SS15

It's slightly ironic isn't it, to be writing about my top three sunglasses styles for SS15 when it's absolutely pouring it down outside. But unlike the name SUNglasses might suggest, the little accessory isn't all about sunny weather. What about when you're a bit too hungover and want to go and get a coffee? Sunglasses will cover your tired and bleary eyes right up, and give you that bad-bitch "Don't Look at Me" look when you actually venture outside. Or what about when you've had a massive row with your boyfriend and storm out of his flat with puffy red eyes? Erm, thank you sunglasses for preserving whatever dignity remains intact. So come rain, shine, or bad breakups, here are my top three sunglasses styles. 

Summer Workwear: Day To Night Style

Being a fashion writer, I have a stylish reputation to keep up. You can’t work in fashion if you don’t look the part! As you might know, I live and work in London. It’s such a buzzing, vibrant city and I love working there, but there’s no such thing as a 9-5 job when you are a writer. There are brunches with brands in the morning, deadlines to hit in the afternoon, and then after work drinks in cool new bars or launch parties in the evening- it’s nonstop. You can’t afford to miss anything, so you’ve got to make sure that you’re wearing something that’ll impress from day to night. Plus it can get seriously heated in summer and I find myself wondering what to wear to work during the summer. Switching between cabs and tubes all day can take its toll and it's sometimes hard to know how to beat the heat in style. 

Working the Relaxed Trench Coat

Relaxed tailoring- it's something I can't seem to get enough of at the moment. A pair of floor-skimming trousers? Count me in. A long, sweeping duster coat? It's in the bag. There's something about the flowing, sensual silhouettes, based on stricter notes of tailoring that combines the best parts of a fragile femininity with power and dominance. What's not to love? Of course I want to feel like a sexy goddess powerful woman, channelling both the grace and command of Beyonce simultaneously, but with Kim Kardashian's stylist (AKA Kanye.) 

Doing Double Denim With a Skirt & Chambray

Had any of you told me I'd be the proud wearer of a double denim ensemble a few years back I'd have laughed in your face. If you ask me what I think of the double denim trend in 5 years time I'll probably laugh in your face again, then tell you how much I regret ever wearing it so casually at the tender age of 23. It's just one of those tricky trends that keeps plummeting into the depths of fashion exile- reserved only for losers stuck in a 1990s or 1970s time capsule- then coming shooting right back into the height of hotness, being hailed as the coolest and edgiest look to work simply based on the fact it was once seen as so bloody ugly. Everyone who tries it is a fashion maverick because, quite simply, making something so wrong look so right is a pretty solid style accomplishment.