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Christmas is


yesterday. My sister wakes me up too early. The television is terrible. There's nowhere to go and buy a decent coffee from because everywhere is closed. The day is spent tediously trawling through pages of online shops that have already started the exorcism of their horrific tinsel-infested garments. It seems real civilisation ceases to exist on Christmas day. Bah humbug.

My family is small. Actually, lets call it 


. That's more chic, right? Big family Christmases are a little too much Meadham Kirchhoff than I feel comfortable with. They're fun and crazy, but I'm a little more Raf Simons for Dior. Especially at Christmas.

For me, there's no crazy uncles getting too merry by midday, there's no inappropriate grandparents, and there's no jovial children screaming and throwing dinosaurs or iPads, whatever children get for Christmas these days.

Alright, so maybe I am a tad jealous of big fun family crazy Christmases.

But with minimalism in mind, this year we kept things simple. I cooked the Turkey and we headed over for a wintery walk in Bradgate Park to breathe in the fresh air and do a little photography. Who needs to be suffocated by the heavy fumes of christmas pudding and get brain damage from watching awful Christmas television when you can go for a walk, see something beautiful and take a few lovely pictures?

The crisp, sunny weather made Bradgate more beautiful than I'd ever seen it. The hills were choked by a blanket of frosty bracken and the river looked iridescent and oily from reflecting the deep blue sky. The ruins of Bradgate house had a peaceful glow in the stark winter sunlight but developed a haunting haze as soon as the sun set.


there were a million deer.

Nothing spells chic like Bambi, according to Givenchy and



So until I marry into a large crazy family I'm perfectly happy with arguing with my parents over whether the Turkey is overcooked or undercooked, exploring historic ruins and checking out some deer on a chilled out winter walk, and not being forced to watching Dr. Who or the Downton Christmas Special whilst having screaming children throw cars at me.

Also: more roast potatoes for me.

Merry festivities everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you deserve!

 Lots of love


  1. Hope you had a lovely day! I have a small family too so Christmas is pretty boring (except for when my Dad dresses up as Batman when he's drunk... I think it's a Northern thing) - I'm so jealous of you going out exploring and seeing the deers though, how amazing!

  2. Leigh - OBVIOUSLEIGH26/12/2013, 16:13

    Hey, I hope you had a good christmas. My immediate family is only small and we live far away from all of the other relatives. So christmas tends to be quiet. Your outfit is beautiful & looks super warm. I am a new follower!

  3. Virgos and Kisses26/12/2013, 16:52

    Ha! I love it! My family is pretty small but very crazy!

  4. Georgia Nicolaou26/12/2013, 18:07

    love your leggings :) my christmas was so hectic but lovely- we have a really huge family so it was great :)

  5. Great photos! Love your coat and boots especially!

  6. Gemma Talbot26/12/2013, 20:51

    I hope you had a good Christmas! I love your coat x

  7. This is such a pretty outfit! Gorgeous photos too xx Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  8. The scenery in these shots are stunning, so is your outfit!Emmie

  9. Megan Ellaby27/12/2013, 17:30

    truly gorgeous shots! I adore your coat babe! xx

  10. Petite Side Of Style27/12/2013, 18:59

    Your hat is adorable!Petite Side Of Style

  11. Charlotte Lewis28/12/2013, 00:10

    Fab coat. Hope you didn't ruin your nice shoes!

  12. Gorgeous outfit! My Christmas days are quite similar, small family but at least no screaming kids ha! Tilly xx

  13. Roisin Elizabeth Keats29/12/2013, 14:31

    We had a very similar Christmas Day as I'm also from a 'minimalist' family (going to adopt that as my new way of putting it ;)) but I wouldn't have it any other way x

  14. mintyessence29/12/2013, 23:14

    Love the outfit! Hope you had a fab Christmas :)MintyessenceXx

  15. thriftylilpixie31/12/2013, 18:12

    Love your outfit and the beautiful animal shots!

  16. Love your coat and cute wintery accessories! :) xx

  17. you always look so chic! love this outfit lots and i am so with you on minimal christmas/

  18. Love your coat and bobbly hat!Lily

  19. stylewithoutstyle08/01/2014, 16:44

    Such a beautiful coat! :)

  20. Sabhyata - Indian Fashion Boutique11/01/2014, 06:15

    great look the must try buy kurtis will look gorgeous in them ;)

  21. agree with you sabhyata...she will look fab in anarkali dresses (:

  22. i think Designer Kurtis would be more better choice for her....she is so stunning ;)

  23. love your high heel look great dear....keep posting :)

  24. you look so hot in women wedges your style ;)

  25. that's superb coats for women..!!

  26. The Style Rawr13/01/2014, 16:05

    Such beautiful snaps! :) I really like your coat, it looks so snuggly and warm.Tara x

  27. Aishling Browne15/01/2014, 13:23

    Wow amazing photos.! And another great coat!


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