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Date Night

Zara Top | Zara Skirt | Topshop Bomber | & Other Stories Clutch |  H&M Shoes 

 I went on a date the other night. It was at some nice bar in Chelsea. 

Alright, it wasn't my date. It was my housemates. So yes, I datecrashed- with her permission of course- what kind of hopeless (desperate) romantic do you take me for? It was a boring Sunday night and we needed something to do; one the girls had a date so my other housemate and myself thought it would be an excellent idea for us all to go. 

So we did. The undatable of the three would just sit on the other side of the bar drinking away pretending like we had absolutely no clue who this couple were until the poor unsuspecting bloke left, leaving the three of us to join back up and polish off another bottle of wine whilst have deep discussions about something like politics and the meaning of life. 

Dating in your twenties is weird. Dating in your twenties in London is weirder. 

In such a big city with an endless stream of men you can do anything you really want and it doesn't particularly matter because nobody actually cares. 

You can join your friends on their dates without their date ever knowing because it's funny. 
You can go out with Mr. Tom, Dick and Harry all in one week because nobody cares about Mr. Right. 
You can lie and tell them you're a ballet dancer because they it's unlikely they will actually know anything about ballet anyway.

You can even wear a skirtsuit despite the fact men probably wont get it ("why didn't you just buy a dress?", because it looks chic, and what do they know anyway?

(I know, two posts in a row rocking a skirt-suit. I can't help it. They are just far too adorable.)

Your twenties is time for working hard, having fun, wearing skirtsuits and not taking yourself- or anyone else for that matter- too seriously.


  1. Love this two-peice, you look gorgeous!xx

  2. Love your outfit as per, literally need this two piece! x

  3. This post made me chuckle! It's so true, when you're in London, you can do virtually anything - you're in front of strangers and they don't care! Nice skirt suit!

  4. You look stunning, so in love with your blog!

  5. what an amazing two piece, you look gorgeous!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  6. hahahaha that is so true!

  7. this is such a cute top/skirt combo! really love the pattern!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  8. love this look. The lipstick is fab

  9. What an absolute babe xxx

  10. love the two piece! so elegant and chic!
    xx Ayesha

  11. haha such a funny story i am imagining it right now.
    i really cant wait to be in my twenties and look like an independent strong woman like you, and dating too me is one big mystery, i always feel kind of... undateable even if i'd looked as good as you.

    and skirt suits are the best, you can never have enough!
    x ish

  12. Great outfit. In love with matching sets :)


  13. This is such a savvy and modern way to wear a set, you look so elegant.

  14. Haha! I never liked dates - asking the same old questions to another somebody, so forced until you have a proper connection with someone! That outfit is a great work piece too! Xx
    Mili Mola

  15. Haha I love that you date crashed. You look amazing here by the way, the two piece is beautiful!

    Amy Georgette xxx

  16. How are you single? Your are GORGEOUS must be intimidated by your beauty and fierce fashion..who needs men anyway when you have clothes...pah ha :)

    PLEASE say you will be around at LFW on the Sat/Sun? I would LOVE to meet you! I am going with Megan from Whatsnewpussycatt and Lindsey from Ropes of Holland. We are all staying over on the Sat night and don't know London very well, so any pointers or joining us for drinks would be amaze! You can tweet me @CharlotteLewis_ xxx

  17. Love this bomber jacket!
    Absolute beaut.

    Hannah xo


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