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The Outfit

Nothing brightens up a windy, grey, miserable day more than a burnt orange coat and matching lips. Fashion week outfits are tricky. This February marked my second full LFW which means five blog-worthy (and street style worthy) outfits are completely essential to planning. But no matter how hard I plan, I always change my mind on the day and end up wearing a total alternative. 

A last minute Thursday night trip to Primark saw me pick up this adorable short-suit. Mono-check print, loose flowing short, and a matching bomber jacket. Can you get a more modern interpretation of Cher from Clueless? I couldn't have felt more preppy if I tried. 

And then the dreaded question by a chic stranger : "I love your short suit-


is it by?"

Followed by your own awkward laugh, you feel yourself swallow the word "Primark" before you even spit it out. 

First let me say this one thing about fashion week outfits: I choose my outfits based on what I think looks good, and what I think will make a good blog post outfit. I never intentionally wear something outrageous or weird just to get snapped by street style photographers. (Also, as a journalist, I'm there as a working member of press)

But saying that, getting snapped as part of a street style article


a bonus. 

And this outfit seemed to get a bit of attention. 

Sure, not all of the comments that met the photos were


(many Amazon UK people commenting things like '

oh my god, white stilettos with black tights? No.'

oh come on, they are


 stilettos and I paired them with black tights because it's a monochrome outfit and the heel of the shoe is black, o



If you're ever going to take a risk with your style then it should be during fashion week: there's always someone wearing something a little stranger lurking around the corner who will overshadow you (

lego-dress girl 2.0 anyone?


The Shows

I attended Bora Aksu on behalf of

British MODE

, and somehow acquired tickets for Felder Felder, Jean Peal Braganza, Fyodor Golan, Mark Fast- being a journalist and blogger has its perks. Most of these show reports will be going up in the March Issue so stay tuned on my 


 for the links!

The Parties

What would fashion week be without the parties? So the evening started by heading out to

A Night of Fashion Film.

Men wandering around topping your glass up with champagne? I can deal with that. Also spied my ultimate girl crush, Daisy Lowe, which is always a bonus. Then stopping by the PPQ party at the Sanderson Hotel followed by Linda Farrow X NYNY party: I'm talking stained glass windows, stuffed deer on the roof, suits of armour, strange PVC clad dancers and shots in skull glasses. Let's just say it was a lot of fun.

The Gossip

Now that would be telling.


  1. That coat looks so lovely and vibrant against the other monochrome pieces of the outfit!!Robyn @ Beauty & the Closet

  2. I love the whole outfit!The orange coat adds a lil spice to the monochrome lookand you are soooo pretty!

  3. I love this outfit, the matching jacket and shorts look so good!

  4. Megan Lillie20/02/2014, 20:08

    Wow - you look absolutely gorgeous! Love the two-piece.Megan xxxThumbelina Lillie | UK Fashion Blog

  5. Love your outfit! Monochrome with a pop of colour is always a good idea, not only at fashion weeks! Loved your writing too! :D xo

  6. Darling, you are flawless! I simply adore this outfit of yours. I've already seen it on Instagram (@facehunter) and I fell in love! Even though I understand you when it comes to "primark" still, if it's an amazing piece like this, it doesn't matter at all as long as you love it! Great pop of red! Flawless xx

  7. Charlotte Lewis20/02/2014, 21:06

    Hi gorgeous, great to meet you briefly, I would Luuurrrrvvve to hear the Gossip, he he!Have given you a little shout out in my latest blog post hunny :) xxwww.lurchhoundloves.com

  8. kittymakesup20/02/2014, 22:37

    I think I need that coat looks amazing against the grey skies of London. x

  9. You look incredible <3 I need that short suit in my life like now!!!

  10. Eden Simpson20/02/2014, 23:35

    Amazing sounds like you're having the best time!

  11. Jenna Nicholls21/02/2014, 00:43

    Oh ma gaaaad I need this short suit!As gorgeous as always doll

  12. Ariel | couturing21/02/2014, 05:16

    Oh my GOD. The black and white print looks so perfect paired against such a bold color. Love the write up too, especially the gossip bit at the end

  13. Sian Deciantis21/02/2014, 08:44

    I love the fact you wore primark to fashion week. I don't feel fashion is about the price tag it's about how you look and this look looks expensive :).

  14. Roxii Hoare-Smith21/02/2014, 13:37

    My friend has this primark suit, could not believe it was primark. Looks amazing!!!

  15. Sugar Spun-Sisters21/02/2014, 17:47

    Absolutely gorgeous outfit, you look amazing! Cant believe the suit came from Primark, good find!Eve & Faye xSugar Spun Sisters - A blog about charity shops, cosmetics & coeliac disease

  16. Beautiful coat ! Very nice look !Thank you for comment and visits on my blog :-)Would you like to follow each other ? Let me now :-)Kisses:-*

  17. Megan Ellaby21/02/2014, 19:11

    Seriously sososos gorgeous! Look the 60s vibe sosos much! great colour combo also babe x


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