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LFW Day 3

Zara Sweater

| Mango Skirt |

Zara Bag


Zara Shoes

| Topshop Sunglasses

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Fani Mari

With pink being one of the biggest trends to blossom in the past year it was inevitable I was going to wear something sugar-shaded at some point during fashion week. This TRF Zara sweater is a slightly alternative approach to floral with its bursting digital print rose so bright it almost looks slightly tie-dyed. 

If anyone follows my


you'll see that I kicked off these giant wedges (I swear wedges were


to be easy to walk in) in favour of my little white sparkly leather Keds. In this flouncy outfit and like this and trainers I'm pretty sure that I was rocking

the whole Lily-Allen circa 2006 vibe I was so concerned about

, but it's fashion week, like I said you can get away with anything really. 

With the beautiful sunshine burning (alright, shining) on our backs, we wandered over the bridge to the Tate to see the Ryan Lo presentation and watch Miss America pageant girls and rodeo princess click their faux guns at themselves and one an other. Their too-cool-for-school attitude was both adorable and slightly intimidating. Altogether: the collection reminded me of being 6 again. And I loved it.


  1. Shannon Beer22/02/2014, 19:02

    Such a gorgeous sweater, Zara's new collection is amazing x

  2. Megan Ellaby22/02/2014, 19:34

    You looked gorgeous and it was so lovely to finally meet you, just wish it could have been for longer!!! x

  3. So lovely! I adore that sweater and the way you paired it with everything else. Simply flawless

  4. Lorna mai ltd22/02/2014, 23:14

    Really interesting sweater, I guessed it was from Zara. You've got good taste!

  5. Georgina Hatton-Woods23/02/2014, 00:05

    LOVE your Lily inspiration! Your hair looks hot here!Brunette in Louboutins My BlogLovin' Profile

  6. Perfect balance of chic and trendy. Shanika |

  7. Charmaine Cowland23/02/2014, 01:56


  8. Amilia Sofia23/02/2014, 09:59

    Cute retro sweater

  9. So cute, that sweater is gorrrrgeous!The Fashion Wonderland

  10. Gemma Talbot23/02/2014, 12:55

    I loved this sweater on you. All your outfits were gorgeous x

  11. Her Imagination23/02/2014, 16:11

    Love this sweater! As always you look amazing!

  12. You look amazing, this sweater looks amazing with the skirt <

  13. Jenna Nicholls23/02/2014, 23:25

    Oooh da shoesies... perfection.Looking gorgeous doll

  14. Aishling Browne24/02/2014, 13:09

    Love that sweater! And it was lovely to meet you !

  15. Your sense of style is just lushYou're so gorg!!

  16. Georgina O'Callaghan04/03/2014, 23:53

    I have been lusting after this Zara Sweater for so long! It looks amazing on I might have to give in now! Love your blog xx

  17. ColourMeIn SC14/03/2014, 17:05

    Absolutely gorgeous look for spring


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