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LFW Day 5

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So it was the last day of London Fashion Week. Show tickets had become sparser. The vibe around Somerset house had began to die. I clearly got a bit lazy with my outfit (comfy culottes anyone?) And we were all so exhausted we were begging for it to be over just so that we could go home and hibernate in our houses writing up surplus show reports. 

Tata Naka put on technicolour presentation that revisited the glamour of vintage interiors. Signature silhouettes were printed to resemble Persian rugs, carpets, and antique porcelain that contrasted against the china blue patterned wallpaper. The result? An enchanting ode to interior design twisted with an element of oddity.

The evening finished with the KTZ after party at the Sanderson Hotel: the DJ's threw in Beyonce's

Drunk in Love

so unexpectedly that it caused total wave of hysteria and the whole building turned into one huge dance floor. Truthfully, I'm still waiting for the Beyonce affect to take hold of me. It got me a little bit in that moment in time, but the whole Queen Bey obsession just hasn't hit me yet! Don't judge... 

 Beyonce finished, the party died down, and we headed to Edition hotel for a few drinks (and a bit of salsa dancing) before heading off to some random Soho club (I'm not sure if you could even class it as that?) that I couldn't even tell you the name of. And that's how LFW ended for AW 2014: in a dodgy dive in Soho.

Until next time. 


  1. Julia in Disguise28/02/2014, 21:21

    Love this outfit! That top is great xxJulia in disguise

  2. Jessie-Ann Lewis28/02/2014, 21:28

    Can't believe that top is from Primark! It looks amazing!

  3. Grace and Charlotte28/02/2014, 21:31

    We were going to buy this! REGRET. Looks so good.

  4. love this outfit! those shoes are gorgeous! xx Ayesha

  5. BlueVioletHearts28/02/2014, 22:43

    SO gorge!

  6. Lorna mai ltd01/03/2014, 00:22

    You carry off black really well, usually I find it very heavy on people. Love the top, looks expensive and also love the bag.

  7. Love your printed top, this outfit is so elegant styled. Have a relaxing and unwinding weekend hun!

  8. Hannah Hobson02/03/2014, 18:43

    This post makes me want a pair of culottes pronto.Beaut! xo

  9. Style Crescent02/03/2014, 21:15


  10. vanessa mensah03/03/2014, 11:54

    I love the print of that top and those shoes are perfect!


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