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I have perfected my blogger bitch face. Blue Steal eat your heart out. 

I'm not sure why, but I never seem to smile in photos anymore. My face seems constantly frozen into a mean girls-esque 'you can't sit with us' face. My previous outfit post below features a grand total of two and a half smiles out of four potentials... I think that might be a new high-score for me?

Surely it has to be the weather... When it's cold, grey, and raining a little bit, you can't help but think "dear god why am I prancing around in the drizzle and wind having pictures of myself taken when I should be watching jeremy kyle with a cup of tea?"

I feel you girls. I feel you. 

This ASOS Jacket (I'd call it a coatigan- it's a knitted piece) reminded me a little of a greyscaled version of the now classic Celine laundry bag check. With the weather turning slightly warmer and this jacket being so lightweight I thought it would be an ideal and totally neccessary to my 25+ coat and jacket collection (please, don't judge. I have a problem...). And yes, the Zara mules... they are back. Again. But being the comfiest heels I own they have become my go-to shoe. 


  1. Eden Simpson20/03/2014, 21:40

    MULES :)

  2. You are such a babe! Those Mules are my fave!

  3. Eguono Ogueh20/03/2014, 22:46

    Love the mules, everyone needs a comfy pair of

  4. Hannah Hobson21/03/2014, 08:38

    LOVE the coat/jacket! and the mules... perf xo

  5. Charlotte Lewis21/03/2014, 09:31

    Love the faux leather joggers hun, relaxed chic! <3 xxwww.lurchhoundloves.com

  6. Haha love the beginning of this post love the 'bitch face' Your coats gorgeous!

  7. Vanessa Mensah21/03/2014, 14:06

    love this look, so chic!

  8. Chelsey Megan22/03/2014, 14:10

    Such a beautiful outfit! We love us a good pair of mules :DLove The Fashion Online Magazine Created By Bloggers For Bloggers.

  9. Jessica Shep24/03/2014, 19:14

    its all in the accessories.. love the bag and shoes!


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