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Bloggers of Britain and fellow hat aficionados, I absolutely


to know this: how do you keep your hats on your head? 

Hats are great. They keep your head warm. They can keep your head cool. They hide a multitude of sins like a dodgy hair cut, bad roots, and greasy hair. Plus they look cool. But there always seems to be just a bit more than a 'gentle' breeze in the UK threatening with the security of your hat and makes it all more of a challenge than a pleasure. 

 Floppy hats, fedoras, bowler hats: have you ever noticed how the brim of a hat catches the wind so perfectly? You can see why Aliens choose a hat like shape for their spaceships when they glide so effortlessly in the breeze. 

There you are, minding your own business, just standing there in all of your grandiose hat glory and next thing you know your big floppy hat is flying through the atmosphere like the worlds chicest frisbee. 

Back in Cardiff when pork pie hats were still cool and the weather was particularly nasty, the wind caught hold of said hat so strongly that it blew it down the entire length of Stuttgart Strasse (to the majority of you who wont know this street, it is very long and has a big bend in it... ). It was like a bowling ball down an alley. Like rolling a coin across the table. How it avoided being ran over by a car I will never know. How I avoided being ran over by a car as I sprinted after it is an even bigger mystery. 

The things we do for fashion. 

So if anyone would like to tell me their top tips for keeping your hats on your head please do. I'm not sure how keen I am on superglue...


  1. Sophie stop being such a mega babe xx

  2. lauren wilson13/04/2014, 16:41

    Love the lipstick, who is it by?

  3. Lauren Maria13/04/2014, 16:56

    Love your hat, I'm desperate for a fedora. Didn't realise it's hard to keep on you head thoughLaurenlivinginaboxx

  4. Lizzy Hadfield13/04/2014, 17:20

    Love this! You look wonderful. Hats are 100% worth the hassle - yours looks great!

  5. May I suggest a hat pin? Pretty victorian though haha. Love the matchy lipstick and shorts! xx

  6. Love the orange with the stripes! Really pops! You look amazing! x

  7. I have the same issue every time I wear my hat! I have to hold onto it and look a bit silly but a least it doesn't fly away haha!P.S I'm running a giveaway at the moment if you want to enter:) xThe Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe Giveaway

  8. Charlotte Lewis13/04/2014, 21:39

    You look lovely with straight hair Sophie....also, loving the pop of colour from the shorts!

  9. haha i'd love to know the answer to your question too! that hat is soo nice! it suits you so well and matches brilliantly with your outfit :) x | Life as a Petite |

  10. Love the colour combination. Orange looks fab with black and white x

  11. Aishling Browne14/04/2014, 13:10

    That bag is gorgeous!!

  12. Blonde Canvas14/04/2014, 23:37

    I always try to make sure I buy hats that are a bit snug. Wind and hats are the worst combo

  13. Chelsey Megan17/04/2014, 11:39

    Really Loving those mules!!Love CF


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