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Jumpsuits: The Love/Hate Debate

Red Label Jumpsuit

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The Jumpsuit: sophisticated sister of the playsuit, glorified onesie. 

Anybody who knows my style understands my love of a good few retro influenced pieces, so I can't deny my love of this seventies inspired onepiece. Jumpsuits just work for me.

Still, like the majority of fashion pieces that blur the lines of two regular garments (think skorts, cape coats- not that capes were ever really considered a 'regular' wardrobe item...), jumpsuits divide opinion. 

I know they have been around for a good few years, but they don't seem set to be disappearing anytime soon. So for any of you still trying to work out where you sit with the love/hate debate, I have compiled this pro's and cons list.  


  • Critical decision making in top/trouser/skirt combos is completely obliterated. It's one piece. No choices and hard decisions needed, and more sensible than a dress. Ultimate go-to piece sorted
  • They have that whole retro seventies vibe. Like I said, anyone who knows me knows that I just love that whole retro vibe. Big winner for me. 
  • They can be dressed up and dressed down really easily with big heels and a fancy clutch, or chunky mules and a backpack. Perfect on-duty/off-duty staple
  • Comfort. They can be super comfy. This one from Red Label is made from gorgeous black soft stretchy crepe fabric with loose tapered legs. With a wrap around body and tie waist feels incredible relaxed. With the freedom of a gymnast I feel the sudden urge to cartwheel (another pro is that you won't see my pants if I decide to do just that...)


  • All I need to say is 'Bar' and 'Bathroom'. Let's face it,  they can be an epic pain to remove when you really really need to take them off... 
  • Unless you are a tall and skinny supermodel, they tend to make you feel like an overgrown toddler/elephant when worn with flats rather than heels. It's official, jumpsuits are a no-flat zone. 

I'm running a little short on the list of cons here... So I think it's clear where I stand. What about you?


  1. Lizzy Hadfield26/04/2014, 14:40

    haha! loved reading this! I am definitely pro jumpsuits - I think they're super sophisticated and you look gorgeous in this one!

  2. Patricia Batatas26/04/2014, 15:26

    I think I'm sadly con, I can never find one long enough to fit my long torso! It's so annoying as sometimes there are some I really do like :(

  3. Vanessa Mensah26/04/2014, 15:32

    I think it is a wardrobe staple item but I don't you need more than 2, I think they all kinda look the same!

  4. Scared Toast26/04/2014, 15:34

    LOVE!! Definitely love a good jumpsuit!- Lorna at Scared Toast x

  5. Frankie Clarke26/04/2014, 16:22

    I adore playsuits, especially this one, absolutely gorgeous, and on you! Frankie Boo Blog x

  6. Roxii Hoare-Smith26/04/2014, 17:01

    I love that jumpsuit!!

  7. Lauren Maria26/04/2014, 17:55

    I love them too but they are never long enough for my body, another con for you - high potential for camel toeLaurenlivinginaboxx

  8. Roisin Elizabeth Keats26/04/2014, 23:37

    I'm a pro when they fit me but when a jump-suit fit goes wrong it goes WRONG. I'm short with a short torso and legs a little too long for my body and there are still times I manage to find jumpsuits too short in the body so no idea how tall or long torso-ed people do it! I do love them when they go right though!

  9. haha I love this. I really love jumpsuits just don't think they would suit me! I maybe need to give it a go after reading your pros list :) ps. loveee that coat!! Justine

  10. I looooooooove jumpsuits but yes the toilet issue is a problem... but heck we suffer for fashion right?x

  11. I'm definitely pro jumpsuits though I do agree that going to the toilet is a big issue haha! This outfit is gorgeousP.S I'm running a giveaway at the moment if you want to enter:) xThe Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe Giveaway

  12. Charmaine Cowland27/04/2014, 16:19

    That bag!!

  13. Great blog and amazing outfit! I absolutely love your style! Perfect and fabulous! :)


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