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When it comes to beachwear, Triangl bikinis are the pinnacle of cool. They are the undisputed uniform of instagram beach babes. You can't scroll through tumblr without seeing some tall fit blonde girl waving her sea soaked locks around on a sandy Australian beach in one of Triangl's finest creations. 

Naturally, you all of a sudden want to be tall, fit, blonde and Australian. Oh, and you want one of them bikinis. 

The brand has an unparalleled laid back vibe that just comes natural to Australians. The designs are equally laid back. No fuss minimalism is their signature. 

Being so simple in design begs the question of what makes them so cool and different from other beachwear brands? If their cult status and huge global following isn't enough to convince you then the craftsmanship surely will. 

Like all great minimal pieces the secret to success is in the quality and structure. Triangl bikinis are made from neoprene. Thick and insulating- so perfectly ideal for when the clouds start rolling in and the temperature dips on your day out to the beach. The thick fabric also hugs at your body making the bikini tops super supportive. Also, a complete bonus.

As for the pictures... the whole effect of the photos of myself were a complete accident based on the simple fact that I'm apparently not that great with a camera! It wasn't supposed to scream 'taken on a disposable camera at some crazy summer house party' (especially when I took them on self timer on my DLSR..) but this weird out-of-focus effect ended up working well. Plus, I'm usually so busy pulling the blogger bitch face that I wanted to have a little fun with it! 

Naturally, I chose the black 'Twiggy Stardust' bikini. With the lacquered look of the neoprene it is pretty sexy, but keeping it simple in black makes it less of a huge statement. 

Worryingly, the closer we get to summer, the more black things I keep buying. But as they say, black is timeless... right?


  1. Lizzy Hadfield16/04/2014, 19:16

    Gorgeous bikini! Deffo want to get myself one of theseeee

  2. Louise Squire16/04/2014, 19:18

    Love the effect of the unfocused images, they look like polaroids! Lusting after a Triangl bikini, they're so effortless and gorgeous!Louise

  3. Megan Ellaby16/04/2014, 20:28

    oh you foxy lady! You look unreal!!!!! I've got the bandeau version, hoping I can rock it the way you and the Triangl girlies do! x

  4. I need this bikini for summer, it's perfect!

  5. Blonde Canvas17/04/2014, 00:03

    This looks gorgeous

  6. Lavinya Royes17/04/2014, 09:01

    I like that you chose the black one, it looks really nice! I keep seeing everyone pick the bright orange and blue I quite prefer your choice plus you look totally gorge in it! x

  7. Chelsey Megan17/04/2014, 11:38

    Looks great! Shame i don't have anywhere to wear one else i would deffo buy one! :DLove CF

  8. Charlotte Lewis17/04/2014, 11:38

    Ahhhh, Sophie, If only I could look this stunning in my Triangl bikini...think I am distinctly lacking somewhere...haha xxwww.lurchhoundloves.com

  9. Virgos and Kisses22/04/2014, 11:03

    Your boobies thooooo! So friggin hwat!

  10. Demi McNeill25/04/2014, 09:19

    I have been wanting to order from these for ages but the custom and delivery charges put me off. Did you get hit by customs?x


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