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Apparently I didn't get the memo that the Aztec trend died at Coachella 2012. 

Despite being dragged out for yet another season at Primark, in most other high-street stores the Aztec print has been replaced by three new print tribes: tropical (think vintage Hawaiian holiday posters for inspiration), arty prints (Chanel SS14, need I say more?) and folk (imagine boho interiors of a Romany Gypsy caravan).

Of course I can sit here bitching about how Aztec is


last year... but I'm not completely ignorant of the fact that I am wearing the offending print. 

In playing with the world traveller trend I couldn't resist channelling a South American vibe through the burnt orange aztec patterns. Set against the playful street art it makes me think of getting lost down the colourful backstreets of Rio or Buenos Aires. 

Besides, sometimes it's nice to revive a tired trend. It's like going for a drink with an ex: weirdly comfortable, you quite like it, but you know it's not going anywhere serious because it's already been done.

I wont start taking credit for bringing back the Aztec trend yet, because this dress is heading straight back into my 'beach cover up' bag (and FYI, I don't even have a summer holiday booked, so who knows when it will be revisited again...)

RIP Aztec print. Again.


  1. Lizzy Hadfield11/04/2014, 19:37

    I am a huge fan of reviving oldies from my wardrobe - nothing wrong with it being last season, so long as it looks good, and this looks great!

  2. Louise Francesca11/04/2014, 19:38

    amazing outfit, such a gorgeous dress X

  3. Gorgeous outfit, love the dress and the pairing of the red coat

  4. Lauren Maria12/04/2014, 10:51

    Gorgeous dress, love the printLaurenlivinginaboxx

  5. Irena D world12/04/2014, 22:42

    Very beautiful pictures !! x

  6. Love the vibrant colours! And the mules of course.Emmie

  7. love!

  8. Blonde Canvas14/04/2014, 23:57

    I never would have thought to pair that dress and coat together but they make a perfect combo


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