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Celine style brush strokes strike again. This top actually forms part of the gorgeous Choies co-ord, but in best effort to not turn my blog into a co-ord-appreciation website I avoided pairing them together.

Any other coloured leather (or faux-leather, in this instance..) is usually a total no-go for me. It brings back horrific memories of be buying this red leather jacket AND matching trousers from the Mary Kate and Ashley collection at Walmart when I was visiting America as a child (let's just say that their collections for

The Row

have come a long long way since their teenage designs in Walmart circa 2001...) 

But pastel leather jackets have been cropping up all over the high-street, and whilst I was totally smitten with the beautifully baby pink jacket in


, I opted for the slightly more muted, paler pink one from Topshop. A little less Barbie, still pretty and feminine, but retains all the necessary edginess that every biker jacket should have. 

What's your take on pastel leather jackets? Will you be wearing them this season or will you be a black leather veteran?


  1. That bag...... amaze!

  2. Lauren Maria25/05/2014, 16:58

    Love that top, I've never been a fan of pastel pink but I'm coming round to the idea of a oink leather jacket. They're funkyLaurenlivinginaboxx

  3. Lizzy Hadfield25/05/2014, 17:49

    Love this outfit! You look gorgeous love!

  4. Grace and Charlotte25/05/2014, 20:47

    The bag is amazing! Love the pink leather too, great look x-Grace and Charlotte

  5. Charlotte Lewis25/05/2014, 22:19

    Need this whole outfit, you stunner!

  6. Vanessa Mensah26/05/2014, 19:52

    love the pastel jacket!

  7. Pink leather jackets are the best xxxx

  8. Aishling Browne27/05/2014, 13:46

    LOVE that Zara bag! It's amazing! x

  9. Love this jacket! I feel I need a coloured leather jacket!Tilly xx

  10. Pearls of Style29/05/2014, 01:31

    Great look, love the flash of print and pastel jacket. Super chic.Krissie x -

  11. Chelsey Megan29/05/2014, 23:03

    Completely in love with that bag!! Love Cheap Frills

  12. A big thank you for your blog article.


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