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Zara Babydoll Dress


ASOS Jacket


Zara Mules

| ASOS Necklace | Zara Bag | Topshop Sunglasses

I'm telling you now: if I start wearing anymore pink I'm going to turn into an actual princess or a pig or a strawberry mini milk.

I'll have to start diverting my wardrobe away from pastel shades to avoid looking too much like a macaroon in the future. The addiction to ice cream colours has gone too far! Looking back at these photographs in a couple of years I'll be thinking that my style was clearly inspired by the colour palette of old peoples night gowns (and we all know the whole Granny-chic thing died a few years ago...)

Best way to sex up something a little too girly (or granny)? Dark, vampy lipstick and a leather jacket. Works every time. 


  1. Lizzy Hadfield29/05/2014, 18:57

    Amazing outfit that dress looks great on you!

  2. Love this outfit Soph! xx

  3. Charlotte Lewis29/05/2014, 20:06

    You look gorgeous all girly and I LOVE that bag <3

  4. Love nude and black mixed together *_* Great one dear xx

  5. Vanessa Mensah29/05/2014, 21:35

    this pink colour is gorgeous on you!

  6. Lauren Maria29/05/2014, 21:38

    Pink is everywhere just now it's hard to get away from it, great mulesLaurenlivinginaboxx

  7. Irena D world30/05/2014, 01:14

    love your stylish outfit xx

  8. Gemma Talbot30/05/2014, 10:03

    Love this dress and your mules are amazing! X

  9. love the look, and i think you make a gorgeous macaron hahahthe babydoll dress has such a beautiful color! love itx ish

  10. Elizabeth Daisy.30/05/2014, 22:54

    You look gorgeous Sophie, I just discovered your blog too and I'm a big fan of your style!Elizabeth x |

  11. Julia in Disguise10/06/2014, 12:13

    This is such a pretty dress and I LOVE thosde mules xxJulia in Disguise

  12. Lavinya Royes15/06/2014, 14:28

    very stylish outfit i love it! x


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