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Off-Duty Double Denim

Although last season saw double denim become the easiest go-to trend for off-duty days, pulling off the look can still be somewhat tricky. If the colours are too close then you risk Canadian Tuxedo fever. If you wear battered up shoes with it, then things can all start to look a little bit like your dad back in the late 80s doing some DIY, before you were even born. Not tres chic. 
So for days when you really don’t want to put brain into action and actually think about what to wear, simply autopilot into a double denim heaven of blue frayed skinnies and an oversized chambray shirt. Mules are pretty much off the menu for this season now, so stake your claim to a pair of slick ankle boots or mannish flats instead. 


  1. Love the bag and shoes. xx

  2. Double denim is becoming a uniform for me, so easy to throw on. Love your bag too
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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