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The Strapless Bra That'll Save Party Season (and every other season...)

We're in the full swing of party season, and with New Years Eve just around the corner, it calls for a serious level of glitz, sparkle, and shimmer. But with all the glamour often comes a mixture of interesting necklines - bandeau, asymmetric, halter necks and cut outs, you name it. Luckily, Wonderbra have recently relaunched their strapless range to help keep everything where it should be whilst you cut some Hotline Bling-worthy shapes a la Drake on the dance floor.

Having a bra size that falls between 30F-32E you can imagine finding styles that actually fit can be a little bit of a challenge - especially strapless, as I often have to size down in the band to eradicate any threats of a slip. Wonderbra's strapless range comes in a huge variety of sizes, so practically everyone has the chance to really pull off that amazing bandeau jumpsuit or Studio 54 style halter dress. Plus, if you're into the glamour of underwear, there will be no sensibility over style sacrifices, as the range includes lust worthy lace editions.

I teamed up with ASOS and Wonderbra try out the new Ultimate Strapless styles, alongside some party pieces, so head over to the site to see the full collection and shoot here!

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  1. Genuinely need a good strapless bra in my life! Will have to look into these :) You look gorgeous on the shoot too! x

    Martha Jane |


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