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Thailand: Railay & Finishing in Phuket

Ah, Railay. Encapsulating the perfect chilled beach vibe with a subtle party atmosphere, I felt that I'd found a place in Thailand that just worked. Unfortunately, we had only two days there before I had to travel to spend a night in Phuket, ready for my early flight back to Heathrow via Bangkok in the morning. Lover of beach bars, reggae music, and beautiful scenery: this place is for you.

Finally finishing up in Phuket, we checked into The Shore at Katathani, a hotel so stunning you can't help but feel like an A-lister when you're there (which certainly made a nice change from staying at backpacker style hotels...) A beautiful bedroom overlooking the private pool (unfortunately, not a pool with a sea view as the receptionist told us - as if we'd care, I mean private pool?! No complaints!) gorgeous bathroom, and terrace gazing out onto the valley. What does your version of heaven look like? I promise you this is better.


  1. You look so beautiful and everything around looks like a real heaven on the earth!


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