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Pink Ladies 2.0

The Pink Ladies. Were they not just the baddest bitches in town back in the day? The Original Mean Girls who thought that wearing pink definitely need not be reserved for just Wednesday's. This season's must-have bomber jacket just got a whole lot sweeter, sugarcoated in the most saccharine shade on the spectrum. It's safe to say something so garish can be tough to style. Pair this with an overload of makeup and you're going to enter the realms of Barbie. Style it with a floral dress and it's sweet enough to give you toothache. And if you keep things sporty, you're just one pair of jogging trousers away from erring into Vicky Pollard territory. So the options left? Keep things simple, muted, in shades of grey and washed-black denim. 

Photography by Ella H


  1. Such a cool and laid-back outfit! Your jacket is perfect!

  2. Love this jacket Soph - you look a babe in pink <3 xx


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