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The Pink Coat Comeback

"On Wednesday's we wear pink" chirpsed The Plastics in the eternal, infinitely quotable Mean Girls. Actually, if fashion week's street stylers and the LFW shows are anything to go by, we'll be wearing it Monday, Tuesday, and every other day of the week come autumn. Yes, that sugar-coated confection you purchased a couple of years back when pink coats were seen on the backs of anyone with the slightest knowledge of the style barometer is set to make a major comeback. And thank god, I've been looking for an excuse to pull this pretty little Topshop number out of my wardrobe.

Raspberry, rose, pastel, powder, candyfloss - if the sight of pink is sweet enough to prompt a trip to the dentist, tone it down a little bit with an edge of masculine styling. Boyish boxy shirts, straight leg denim, and trainers will be a real winning combination.

It's time to satisfy your sartorial sweet tooth. 

Photography by Carl Thompson


  1. I love this look from the stripes to the soft pink coat!!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  2. Stunning outfit, so simple but such perfect combinations! Molly x

  3. Love this so much. I swooned over this coat last year and *sigh* <3 xx

  4. Very cute outfit. I love bag with the fluffy top!


  5. i really love this look - your hair and the coat look so beautiful :)

    x Lilli |

  6. Omg that coat is absolutely gorgeous! The bag too x

  7. Lovely combo!!

  8. I need this coat in my wardrobe!

    Agnes x

  9. What I beautiful pink pastel-coloured coat. I want it!



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