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It's becoming common knowledge that I'm a slogan T-shirt aficionado - did you see me fangirling over my Cute but Psycho T-shirt? But it's not all about having pointless shouty words like BAE or RAWR or RAD emblazoned over the front, like some form of sartorial Tourettes - there has to be a bit of playful tongue-in-cheek humour. I mean, with the Cute but Psycho tee it was worn completely ironically because I'm definitely not a psycho... ok?  And this Grind London T-shirt is simply a fashion in-joke. Sure, non-fashion people probably won't get it, but they're not supposed to anyway. 

Photography by Jermaine Craig


  1. love this coat :) super chic outfit :)

    x Lilli
    please check out my fashionblog if you want:

  2. Absolutely love your shoes and your cool tee too!

  3. SO gorgeous I die! These shots are incredible x

  4. So effortlessly chic! Love this simple look :) x


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