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How To Style A Slip Dress & A T-Shirt

How to style a slip dress and a T-shirt, aka, how to style a slip dress on larger boobs, the sequel.

How to style a slip dress and a T-shirt, aka, how to style a slip dress on larger boobs, the sequel.

Basic T-shirts make up a huge percentage of our style diet. They are the bread to our sartorial butter - unless you’re not eating carbs in which case you’re probably a little sad, hungry, and might need to go shopping for some staple tees (and a loaf of Hovis.) You can try operate your wardrobe without a hefty collection of them, but you keep going back to them because they’re so soft, easy to work with, and taste so good… I mean, look so good. Am I talking about T-shirts or bread anymore? I can’t remember.

Then of course comes the slip dress. She’s like your sexy best friend. Your sexy best friend who encourages you to dance real sexy when BeyoncĂ© comes on in the club just because you can, and stay out for just one more drink that turns into 7 and an Uber ride via McDonalds Drive Thru. Sexy! But sometimes she’s so sexy it’s a whole new level and you’re a bit like, tone it down Tina.

So let’s tone down Tina - I mean, this slip dress - by throwing it on with a basic t-shirt. The humble breton tee strikes a chord in any girl’s wardrobe because it truly is the pinnacle of seasonless style. It looks perfect with skirts, tailoring, jeans, denim shorts, denim anything, therefore makes the tryst-worthy slip feel far more everyday and office apropos. A plain white T-shirt nails the best of 90s glam-grunge, whereas subtle stripes have a slightly more air of Parisian sophistication about it. Ooh la la indeed.

Follow? No, I don’t really either. All I know is I have a huge craving for shopping and a sandwich.


  1. Adore how you've styled this, the pop of colour on your lips and shoes is so perfect! I can't get enough of your style and your writing! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  2. You look so so fab lovely! I loveee those shoes !

  3. In love with this outfit - casual and stylish. Looks great on you. :-) xx

  4. This outfit is gorgeous and I really love the style of the photos in this post!

    Grace xx


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