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Styling Hack: Repurposing A Summer Dress for Rainy Days

Earlier this week I waxed lyrical about this £15 off-the-shoulder ASOS dress that all summer dreams are made of. And of course, the question on your lips (if you're not venturing off somewhere nice and hot on holiday to actually wear said dress) was probably "what summer?"

Earlier this week I waxed lyrical about this £15 off-the-shoulder ASOS dress that all summer dreams are made of. And of course, the question on your lips (if you're not venturing off somewhere nice and hot on holiday to actually wear said dress) was probably "what summer?" Whilst the sun was shining today, the Great British summertime is as notoriously likely to be spent tipping it down as us Brits are as likely to spend 90% of the next six weeks moaning about it. So this simple style hack ensures you get as much wear out of your fair-weather dress as possible. The trick? Don't hate me for the obvious: just wear it with some jeans.

This entire outfit was accidental. I haven't worn a dress over jeans since my emo-goth days, and thought I had stored that sartorial mistake deep in the reserves of my mind to be compartmentalised and forgotten about like the time I called my teacher Dad in class by mistake. But I stumbled upon this outfit when I was changing out of this dress into jeans because, well, rain, and I figured it didn't look half bad. In fact, it actually looks really quite good. Street style stars have been doing it since last September's NYFW, and I'm here to say embrace your mid 00's emo/goth self again and wear your summer dress come rain or shine: just make sure you add a hefty dose of denim.

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  1. I love love love this look!


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