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There I Said It: I REALLY Hate Winter

I hate winter. There, I said it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

I hate the way it gets dark so early. I hate the way it doesn't get light until around 8am. I hate the way the blood drains from my fingers when I get cold and they look strangely yellow and fluorescent, like a rejected Simpson character. I hate the way I have to now wear tights with everything in fear of being cold, or worse, people (mostly, cat-callers) shouting "are you not cold love?!". I hate the way people try to say winter is "cosy" when it really isn't (unless you don't leave the side of a log fire from November - March) and I hate the way that it's oh-so typically British of me to be moaning about the winter weather, and creating an entire blog post about the weather.

I spend three seasons of the year trying to work out which season I love the most. Spring, Summer and Autumn are all amazing in their own ways. But winter? Yes, there's Christmas on the horizon. A month of festivities and indulging etc - I love it. But everything else apart from that is hell. Cold, wet, miserable. Seriously - no thanks.

I've written before about my summer self - Summer Sophie and how I have a totally 'yes-man' attitude to everything, and how my seasonal resolution was to bring that vibe into winter and stop being such a Grandma. I'm trying - I really am.

If there's only one absolutely redeeming quality that makes winter forgivable, it's the coats that come with it. You know, by now, that I bloody love a good coat. My faux fur addiction has gone from strength to strength this season and a statement check coat will totally detract away from the fact I've worn these jeans in every Instagram post for the past 6 frames. Something sassy, bold, bright or floofy enough is just about the antidote to the misery that is British Winter - consider this seasons sartorial offerings a kiss and makeup between myself and the winter.

Photography by Shaun James Cox - @shaunjamescox


  1. Finally someone said it! I have more of a love/hate relationship with winter but I totally see what you're on about

    Ellie xx

  2. I used to hate winter as well but for the past couple of years I've grown to like it. I was able to find the positive things about each season and winter is definitely growing on me. I love that coat, it's amazing, I love coats as well, especially bold and original ones.

    Marta -

  3. haha I am so the opposite.. I just love autumn and winter.. in spring and summer I am just waiting for the time to pass X

    xx Lisa |

  4. I really dislike Winter, so I'm so glad someone else is on the same wavelength as me! Of course I love Christmas and the festiveness, but I can't stand how dark, gloomy and cold it is all the damn time. Bring me warmth, a lovely evening breeze and blazing sunshine with blue skies any day xx

    Lauren |

  5. Love your outfit especially the jeans !


  6. I have a love/hate relationship with winter! I love crisp, sunny winter days and the lead up to Christmas. But I hate the way it's always dark and usually raining. It's great if you can cuddle up on the sofa, but quite annoying otherwise haha! I do absolutely love that coat though lady - you look incredible xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  7. I kinda love winter especially because you can be a little bit more creative in the outfits with more layers and stuff like that!
    Love your coat! The colors are so pretty!

    The Black Blush


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